As the Magpies battle the Crows on Friday night, Adelaide will take to the field without Shaun McKernan who was handed a two match ban for striking Eagle Brad Sheppard last weekend. Meanwhile, Dayne Beams will make his long awaited return to the ground for the first time this year, coming back from a niggling quad injury. His impressive performance of 28 disposals during a VFL match last weekend helped to secure his selection in the Collingwood side.

The Hawks have made an unexpected inclusion, replacing Brad Sewell with Brent Guerra ahead of their clash with Port Adelaide on Saturday. Guerra has recently recovered from a back injury, while Sewell has been named as an emergency. For the Power, John Butcher will replace Justin Westhoff who received a week suspension for striking Bomber Cale Hooker last Sunday.

Other important changes include Geelong’s Joel Corey, who sustained a concussion last weekend, and Corey Enright who is recovering from a foot injury. Both will be markedly absent when the Cats meet the Demons on Saturday, as Sam Blease returns to the Melbourne side.

Returning skipper Gary Ablett will lead the Gold Coast when they go head to head with the Tigers on Saturday afternoon. Also, Nick Riewoldt and Stephen Milne are set to replace Nathan Wright and Ahmed Saad when then Saints play Carlton at Etihad Stadium on Saturday night.

Friday 12th July, 7:50pm, MCG


B: Brown, Nick Maxwell, Reid
HB: Young, Shaw, Williams
C: Sidebottom, Macaffer, Ball
HF: Elliott, Witts, Swan
F: Beams, Cloke, Thomas
Foll: Hudson, Pendlebury, Blair
I/C: Krakouer, Sinclair, Seedsman, Dwyer
Emg: Goldsack, Keeffe, Kennedy

In: Beams
Out: Kennedy (omitted)

B: Henderson, Rutten, Brown
HB: Smith, Talia, Laird
C: van Berlo, Dangerfield, Vince
HF: Wright, Lynch, Douglas
F: Porplyzia, Jenkins, Crouch
Foll: Jacobs, Sloane, Thompson
I/C: Jaensch, Lyons, Mackay, Otten
Emg: Callinan, Grigg, Thompson

In: Lyons, Mackay
Out: McKernan (suspended), Riley (fractured leg)

Saturday 13th July, 1:45pm, AAMI Stadium

Port Adelaide

B: O’Shea, Carlile, Logan
HB: Broadbent, Jonas, Stewart
C: Wingard, Boak, Cornes
HF: Gray, Butcher, Monfries
F: Trengove, Schulz, Neade
Foll: Lobbe, Thomas, Hartlett
I/C: Ebert, Wines, Moore, Pittard
Emg: Stevenson, Blee, Hombsch

In: Butcher, Thomas
Out: Hombsch (omitted), Westhoff (suspended)


B: Stratton, Lake, Guerra
HB: Hodge, Gibson, Burgoyne
C: Smith, Mitchell, Hill
HF: Gunston, Franklin, Breust
F: Savage, Roughead, Rioli
Foll: Hale, Lewis, Puopolo
I/C: Bailey, Simpkin, Duryea, Whitecross
Emg: Ceglar, Cheney, Sewell

In: Guerra
Out: Sewell

Saturday 13th July, 2:10pm, Simonds Stadium


B: Guthrie, Taylor, J Hunt
HB: Varcoe, Lonergan, Mackie
C: T Hunt, Selwood, Duncan
HF: Stokes, Podsiadly, Smedts
F: Caddy, Hawkins, Motlop
Foll: Simpson, Kelly, Bartel
I/C: Johnson, Murdoch, Stringer, Blicavs
Emg: Brown, West, Horlin-Smith

In: Varcoe, Johnson, Smedts
Out: Corey (concussion), Christensen (hamstring), Enright (foot)


B: Dunn, Garland, Terlich
HB: McDonald, Frawley, Clisby
C: Toumpas, Trengove, Grimes
HF: Blease, Watts, Jones
F: Fitzpatrick, Dawes, Howe
Foll: Gawn, Sylvia, Jones
I/C: Byrnes, Nicholson, Kent, Davey
Emg: McKenzie, Rodan, Pedersen

In: Blease
Out: Rodan

Saturday 13th July, 4:40pm, Cazaly Stadium


B: Morris, Rance, Petterd
HB: Newman, Chaplin, Conca
C: Grigg, Cotchin, Jackson
HF: A. Edwards, S. Edwards, King
F: Vickery, Riewoldt, Martin
Foll: Maric, Deledio, Foley
I/C: Ellis, White, Vlastuin, Arnot
Emg: McBean, Lonergan, Dea 

In: Maric, Petterd, Arnot
Out: Stephenson, Batchelor, Dea

Gold Coast

B: McKenzie, Day, Tape
HB: Broughton, Thompson, Murphy
C: Shaw, Ablett, Stanley
HF: Harbrow, May, Hall
F: Brown, Hall, Russell
Foll: Nicholls, Swallow, O’Meara
I/C: Prestia, Brennan, Bennell, Boston
Emg: Weller, Wilkinson, Sexton

In: Hall, Ablett, Tape
Out: Wilkinson (omitted), Sumner (omitted), Gorringe (shoulder)

Saturday 13th July, 7:40pm, Etihad Stadium


B: Robinson, Jamison, Henderson
HB: Tuohy, McInnes, Gibbs
C: Yarran, Judd, Simpson
HF: Curnow, Walker, Garlett
F: McLean, Rowe, Scotland
Foll: Kreuzer, Betts, Cachia
I/C: Murphy, Carrazzo, Lucas, Armfield
Emg: Watson, White, Casboult 

In: Rowe, Scotland
Out: Waite (knee), Casboult

St Kilda

B: Stanley, Gwilt, Dempster
HB: Ray, Roberton, Jones
C: Newnes, Hayes, Geary
HF: Armitage, Riewoldt, Montagna
F: Milne, Lee, Dennis-Lane
Foll: McEvoy, Dal Santo, Steven
I/C: Saunders, Hickey, Milera, Murdoch
Emg: Siposs, Wright, Ross

In: Milne, Riewoldt
Out: Wright, Saad

Saturday 13th July, 7:40pm, Gabba


B: Golby, Maguire, Patfull
HB: Harwood, Clarke, Staker
C: Hanley, Lester, Adcock
HF: Zorko, Brown, Rockliff
F: McGrath, Merrett, Bewick
Foll: Leuenberger, Redden, Rich
I/C: Polkinghorne, Raines, Green, Mayes
Emg: Karnezis, Docherty, Yeo

In: Polkinghorne
Out: Moloney (calf)

North Melbourne

B: Hansen, Thompson, Mullett
HB: Hine, Grima, Atley
C: Gibson, Wells, Bastinac
HF: Adams, Petrie, Greenwood
F: Black, Tarrant, Harvey
Foll: Goldstein, Swallow, Ziebell
I/C: McKenzie, Cunnington, Firrito, Macmillan
Emg: Jacobs, Delaney, Garner

In: –
Out: –

Sunday 14th July, 1:10pm, SCG


B: Smith, T.Richards, Rampe
HB: Malceski, Grundy, McVeigh
C: Hannebery, Kennedy, McGlynn
HF: Everitt, Tippett, Parker
F: O’Keefe, Pyke, Bolton
Foll: Mumford, K.Jack, Bird
I/C: Cunningham, B.Jack, Lamb, Membrey, Mitchell, X.Richards, White

GWS Giants

B: Gilham, Davis, Darley
HB: Hampton, Mohr, Bugg
C: Whitfield, Treloar, Hoskin-Elliott
HF: Shiel, Cameron, Palmer
F: Smith, O’hAilpin, Haynes
Foll: Giles, Ward, Scully
I/C: Whiley, Reid, Tyson, Corr, Edwards, Ugle, O’Rourke

In: Davis, Whiley, Tyson, Darley, Edwards, Bugg, Ugle, O’Rourke
Out: Adams (suspended), Townsend, Coniglio (hamstring), Tomlinson, Kennedy

Sunday 14th July, 3:20pm, MCG

Western Bulldogs

B: Picken, Roughead, Morris
HB: Cooney, Talia, Goodes
C: Tutt, Liberatore, Murphy
HF: Giansiracusa, Jones, Hrovat
F: Addison, Grant, Dahlhaus
Foll: Minson, Smith, Griffen
I/C: Wallis, Young, Stevens, Hunter, Macrae, Dickson, Cross

In: Addison, Picken, Young, Hunter, Grant, Cross
Out: Johannisen (shoulder), Cordy, Stringer (soreness)


B: Dempsey, Fletcher Pears
HB: Baguley, Hooker, Hibberd
C: Goddard, Heppell, Melksham
HF: Myers, Hurley, Stanton
F: Merrett, Carlisle, Kommer
Foll: Ryder, Zaharakis, Winderlich
I/C: Lovett-Murray, O’Brien, Jetta, Hardingham, Bellchambers, Colyer, Howlett 

In: Lovett-Murray, O’Brien, Jetta, Hardingham
Out: Watson (shoulder)

Sunday 14th July, 4:40pm, Patersons Stadium

West Coast

B: Schofield, Glass, Brown
HB: Brennan, Mackenzie, Smith
C: Gaff, Priddis, Rosa
HF: Hutchings, Kennedy, Hill
F: LeCras, Cox, Darling
Foll: Naitanui, Masten, Dalziell
I/C: Carter, Cripps, Embley, Lycett, Morton, Sheppard, Wilson

In: Wilson, Morton, Smith, Lycett, Carter
Out: McGinnity (suspended), Waters (knee)


B: Silvagni, Dawson, Ibbotson
HB: Spurr, Johnson, Mundy
C: Mzungu, Crowley, Hill
HF: Fyfe, Mayne, Pearce
F: Ballantyne, Pavlich, Sandilands
Foll: Clarke, de Boer, Suban
I/C: Neale, Sutcliffe, Walters, Taberner, Barlow, Pearce, Sheridan 

In: Neale, Sutcliffe, Silvagni, Taberner
Out: McPharlin (calf)