The going rate for Judd would seem to be in the region of $1million per year over a minimum of three years. While the price may seem steep there is no doubt that Judd is worth every cent. A deal of this magnitude would make Judd the highest paid player in the league surpassing the reported $900,000 a season that Jonathon Brown earns and the only Australian based footballer of any code that would be earning more is Matt Gitaeu who is currently playing on a $5million four year deal for the Western Force in the Super 14 competition.

Should a club meet Judd’s price the next step will be securing a deal with West Coast to ensure that Judd does not end up in the pre season draft. It is here that the real fun starts when speculating on just how Judd will end up at your favourite club. After taking over an hour of talkback on this topic over the weekend it would seem that many people would let sentiment get in the way when trying to address the issue of what there club should give up for the best player in the game today. The answer however, is simple. Every Melbourne based team should give up any player on their list one for one if the Eagles come knocking with Chris Judd. Only three teams in the league have a player that they should even think twice about giving up for Judd. Those players are the afore mentioned Jonathon Brown, Adam Goodes and Matthew Pavlich and in the case of both Goodes and Pavlich I think a deal would still be worth making.

Many Essendon fans would suggest that Matthew Lloyd is too higher price to pay to get the Judd in the red and black but in the end the value of Judd, especially to a team with such a lacklustre midfield, would outweigh that of their beloved captain. Judd could come in and replace Lloyd as the skipper, star in the midfield and lead Essendon to a premiership within three to four years. As it stands the Bombers may not win a flag before the sun sets on Lloyd’s great career.

Some clubs, like Carlton, may not have one player that is valuable enough to move on his own for Judd. Fevola is a possibility but with his track record for off field incidents West Coast may not want a another potential public relations disaster on their already fragile list. One caller suggested that as a Blues fan he would gladly give up both Marc Murphy and Bryce Gibbs to get Judd to Carlton. This is a huge price to pay and Blues would need to decide weather proven talent like Judd is worth two potential stars like Murphy and Gibbs. If the offer was on the table right now and I was running Carlton I would take it. In twelve months time and after watching both players for a full season the answer may be different.

Ultimately Judd will decide his own fate and may remain a West Coast player until his career comes to a close. I think his chances of returning home are better than ever but I do wonder if Judd has had enough of the off-field culture in Perth. If this is the case fans of the other fifteen teams will hold their collective breaths and hope against hope that Judd will be wearing their team’s colours in 2008. As a St Kilda fan I would gladly give up Nick Riewoldt or for that matter any other player on our list to see Chris Judd run amok in the red, white and black stripes.

Article written by Luke Mather from