WAYNE CAREY the disgraced footballer and media personality has confessed to abusing cocaine and a drug and alcohol problem. Carey says the drug and alcohol problem has made him hit rock bottom.

Carey’s girlfriend and model, Kate Neilson, has also admitted to using drugs. The pair have been in the news recently for a number of incidents which include Carey allegedly assaulting Neilson on a number of occasions in the United States and was arrested at his South Melbourne apartment after allegedly assaulting an officer, police had to use capsicum spray to subdue Carey.

“We realize when we do drugs we’re as silly as one another,” Carey said.

“If we are to go forward together, we have to make those important changes.

“I really think I had to hit rock bottom, which I have now, before I was forced to make these changes.”

It’s believed Carey and Neilson were paid a large sum to reveal all to the womens entertainment and lifestyle magazine, New Idea.

The couple aren’t currently living together and are understood to be seeking help for their problems.

Carey has been in the headlines for years for wrong doing and deservingly so, however it was only weeks ago he was named as the greatest player to ever play AFL/VFL by influential journalist Mike Sheahan for the AFL.