It has been another long winter in Victoria this year. The flu has once again hit people hard and now it has put a stop to race meetings Australia wide with the Equine Flu getting past quarantine. Don’t worry though, the weather has started to warm and spring is only days away. Unfortunately with Spring comes another illness. Whilst not deadly it has the ability to keep die hard AFL fans stuck in front of the telly and not out in the yard mowing the lawns. That’s right it’s Finals Fever. This year Victorians can get excited about having some real contenders to take out this year’s Premiership. With teams still battling it out to make the 8 you would think all attention would be on them.

However this week instead of fans getting pumped about finals Talk back radio has been flooded with supporters who want their team to lose. Not for the first time either; Carlton supporters have been doing it for several years now. It sounds ridiculous but the reward to lose is too hard to refuse. Here’s a look at what can happen.

Carlton: If Richmond lose and Carlton lose the Blues will gain picks 1 & 3, the first being a priority. If Carlton lose and Richmond win we will gain picks 1 & 2 but we would win the wooden spoon. If Carlton wins they will get pick #3 and no priority pick whatsoever.

Richmond: If the Tigers win against St Kilda they will lose pick #1 and can’t win the wooden spoon and will end up with either pick 2 or 3 depending on the result in the Carlton v Melbourne game. If they lose they will claim the wooden spoon and pick #2 and a priority pick at #18.

Melbourne: If Richmond and Melbourne both lose then they will secure pick #2 and a priority pick at the end of the first selection period in the national draft. If Richmond win and Melbourne lose Melbourne will finish bottom with picks one and 17. If Melbourne wins they will receive pick #4 and no priority pick.

All eyes will be on Carlton and Melbourne this week in what will be labeled the Kreuzer cup, especially if Richmond can get up over the Saints. As per usual the speculation over who will get selected with the first pick in the draft has begun early and Matthew Kreuzer is starting to look like the certain choice for whoever claims the number one pick.

I recently came across an interesting bit of information about a tank that was being designed by the Nazis in World War II. The vehicle was designed as an ultra-heavy tank and would weigh up to 1,000 tones. It was going to be the largest tank in the world. It is some coincidence that this tank was named the LandKreuzer because if Carlton lose this week it will be known as the biggest tank in a game of Australian Rules Football ever. As for the LandKreuzer, the plan never got off the ground. Could this be another omen?

Whatever happens this week will be very interesting and I’m sure you will hear plenty about. The media wouldn’t be doing their job if they didn’t accuse teams of making strategically planned moves to disadvantage there team’s chances at winning.

As a passionate Carlton fan I can accept the fact that getting picks 1 & 3 will help us in the long run so this week I will be supporting the Saints and the Dees!