As the Eagles prepare to face the Magpies in the semi-final match on Saturday, it’s unknown whether vice-captain Beau Waters will return after a mysterious injury to his foot has plagued him since he was carried off the ground last weekend against the Kangaroos. Waters recently recovered from an Achilles tendon injury and his coach, John Worsfold announced last night it is likely one of his toes or a tendon in Water’s foot causing him pain, ruling out any ankle damage. Waters has undergone scans as his club and fans eagerly await news of his condition. Worsfold said that it’s unknown whether Waters will be able to play this weekend or for the rest of the finals.

Jacob Brennan, the young Eagle who replaced Waters may have the chance to extend his finals campaign after performing well on the weekend against North Melbourne. Brennan played his first finals match after being substituted on in the second quarter. He said it was a shame it was at the expense of Waters, though he described it as an amazing experience. Eagles fans are likely to see him take to the ground again this Saturday night.

Meanwhile, West Coast midfielder Matt Rosa, who fractured his collarbone in Round 22, has worked hard to increase his chances of playing in the finals against Collingwood on Saturday. Worsfold says Rosa has been training well and weight training has left his arm strong and feeling good. He confirmed there is a good chance Rosa will play this weekend. The final decision will depend on how his arm is feeling on Saturday.

You can follow the Live Score of the West Coast versus Collingwood Semi-final elimination match on AFL Online.