Round 1 has come and gone and as per usual there were plenty of upsets. However don’t take round one as a sign for what you can expect from here on in. Last season both Carlton and Essendon won in round one and we all know how downhill it went from there. Sydney started poorly and fell one point short of a another premiership.

Over the off-season we went through the excitement of the 3 different drafts in which every club would be confident they have picked up a future star. But lets remember they are still kids who have never played at the top level before and generally take time to make there mark in the competition, not everyone is as good as Marc Murphy!

Both Melbourne and Sydney started off poorly last season yet both teams managed to make the finals and Sydney progressed to the Grand Final for the second year in a row. Geelong certainly didn’t get off to the start they wanted but they still didn’t play to badly, its make or break for them this season for several players and Mark Thompson. Fremantle lost to Port Adelaide in what was the upset of the round yet I am still tipping them for the Minor Premiership.

Players like Lance Whitnall, Jonathon Brown and Brad Ottens had pressure put on them by the media. Give them time to get back into the swing of things before you go and bag them out. Not to mention players are human as well and as humans we all know what it’s like to have a bad day.

Here’s what to expect in 2007 from your club:

Adelaide: Gotta go downhill in my books, should still finish top 8 though.
Brisbane: I can’t see them making the 8 and could even land in the bottom 4.
Carlton: Not quite top 8 contenders yet but 8+ wins is achievable.
Collingwood: Did well to make the 8 last year but don’t think they can do it again this year.
Essendon: Really under-achieved last year and will be fighting it out for a spot in the top 8 come round 22.
Fremantle: Possible premiership contenders, all depends on how they are come finals time.
Geelong: Make or break for them this season. If they don’t make the 8 Bomber can kiss his job goodbye!
Hawthorn: Same as Essendon, have a list that can make the 8 but whether they do it or not is up to them.
Kangaroos: Not looking good for them I’m afraid, wooden spoon may be coming there way.
Melbourne: Possibly Victoria’s strongest team, top 4 contenders.
Port Adelaide: In my opinion they are still sitting just outside the 8 but they are a team that will worry whoever plays them.
Richmond: Surely they will finish 9th!
St Kilda: They should make the top 8 and possibly top 4.
Sydney: Will drop out of the top 4 in my opinion but should hang onto top 8.
West Coast: Top 4 � Cousins to check out of rehab in grand final week and win Norm Smith medal!
Western Bulldogs: Should make the 8, don’t expect to much from Akermanis.