In Geelong’s thrilling two point win against Hawthorn on Easter Monday, Hawk’s Brendan Whitecross was reported for a level two rough conduct charge in an incident with Cat Joel Selwood. Initially, Whitecross was given a one-match ban for the contact on Selwood. By appealing decision, Whitecross risked an extra week from the Match Review Panel.

Last night, the suspension was overturned by the Tribunal.

Whitecross testified that after tackling Geelong’s Allen Christensen he was simply protecting himself when Selwood ran into him and believes it had been unavoidable. Whitecross also revealed that Selwood called him on Tuesday to thank him for taking the time to make sure he was alright and that Selwood felt bad that Whitecross was being punished for the accident.

Field umpire Dean Margetts who witnessed the incident said that Whitecross definitely had concerns for Selwood’s welfare immediately following the event. He believes it was no more than an accident.

Football manager for the Hawks, Mark Evans said that the right decision had been made by the Tribunal and that the club is pleased by the positive outcome.

Selwood underwent tests for a neck injury immediately after the collision and was declared well enough to return for the duration of the game.